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August 18, 2009


As much as I can enjoy the bad, I can also appreciate the good. And Rizzo has been very good. From the emergency retoolings of the bull pen, for the inspired trade for Nyjer Morgan, and now bringing in Strasburg. He has earned the job IMO. Its
time for someone to start the "Hire Mike Rizzo" blog site!

DMan, we agree that Rizzo deserves a shot as real, not fake, GM. From published accounts, it sure sounds like he played a key role in these negotiations, and while I'm still only lukewarm on the trades he's pulled off, I think he's done a good job scanning the trash heap and moving pieces around until a better fit could be found. I hope you don't mind, but we're cooking up a "Hire Mike Rizzo" post as we speak!

Go for it! Maybe Nyjer and Burnett aren't the greatest (though I love Nyjer's hustle), but to get them for Gascanrahan and Lostings Milledge - score one for Rizzo. I had to give up my tix for tonight's game. Wish I could be there - should be the first geniune buzz at the park in years.

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