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September 28, 2009


Contrary to popular preception, our Nats are playing the spoiler - For the Rockies!! Rox close out with a series at LA while the Braves finish off with the Nats at home. In lasting tribute to Micheal Jackson, I nominate "Bad" as official Naaationals theme song. Hey, we're bad! But at least we know it, unlike the delusional 'Skins fans. And I, for one, am most definitely NOT horny for Zorny. ETB! And BTW, Mr. Boras, Mr. Rizzo would like to talk to you about young Mr. Harper.

I like the delusional MASN commentators who reported yesterday that Nats fans still support the team. Their evidence - Nats attendance isn’t the worst in the league despite having the worst record. Hey, Johnny Holiday - subtract all the Philly and Red Sox fans from this year's total and I suspect the Nats would have the worst attendance. At least the Skins have Tom Cruise as a fan. The one good thing about the Redskins stinking out the joint is sports talk radio in this town becomes much more entertaining. Time to put bags on our heads at both Nats Park and Fed Ex Field. On a more positve note - Let's Go Caps!!!!

The Caps are the only thing saving DC from total Loserville at this point...love the idea of bag-heads at both Fed Ex Field and Nats Park. We'll be taking in tomorrow night's game, most likely bringing bags.

Interesting spoiler, theory, DMan...hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right...!

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