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September 28, 2009


Prove it! Post the pic of the Ray King ball!!

Reflecting back upon several of his performances, we actually could've used Jason Simontacchi this year! He was one of those interesting underdog stories (picked up out of the Italian leagues! of all places) who got his chance for a cup of coffee in the bigs and had a few good moments. As I breezed by the set-up, I never thought there'd be stuff from the past. I definitely could go for a Simontacchi ball. I have tix for the last game - hope they still have the memorabilia. If I get one, I will post it. Hmm ... look at this year's ERA. That Chico, Simontacchi, Carasco, et al staff doesn't look that bad. The Nats got some surprisingly good results that year from a bunch of guys with marginal talent.

ckstevenson: ask and you shall receive. Note the grease and ketchup stains on the ball - that should certify its authenticity.

DMan: I think Simontacchi was last seen pitching for the Long Island Ducks this summer. He would've been a better option than Daniel Cabrera, that's for sure!

Trabajé en todo, en las piernas y en el físico, pesaba 275 y me metí en 260, tenia mucho peso y por eso me lesionaba reflexionó.

I always had a thing for Wily Mo's balls.

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