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October 28, 2009


That's still better than it would have been run under Bowden.


But StanK said they were keeping all the details private - why are you surprised or assuming nothing is happening just because you don't read it somewhere?


"He added that the organization preferred to conduct its search entirely in private, because "it's better for our organization. It's better for the people we're talking to. And also because we do have an incumbent manager as well. It's a ticklish time for our organization."

@anonymous: We aren't assuming nothing is going on -- just...complaining...that there's been little info available, and we're getting antsy...AND worst of all the best source of info thus far has been Jim Bowden's Twitter feed - which we have to read second hand because Jimbo won't let us read his Tweets.

What the F does "it's a ticklish time for our organization" mean, anway?

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