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October 10, 2009


The instant replay needs to be abolished completely. We've seen where it won't correct bad calls and will even make a correct call wrong. And baseball does not need more downtime added, the ads take up far too long as is.

The instant replay is a travesty. It needs to go now.

This was a TERRIBLE call. Had this been fair, Mauer would have gotten a double instead of a single, and probably scored.

Orlando Cabrera's reaction in the dugout afterwards was especially amusing.

Hey Cuzzi - You make one call all night and it costs the Twins an entire season! NICE JOB A*SHOLE (AND YANKEE FAN)- I HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT!!!!

What a joke! It's bad enough that you have the highest paid team with a bunch of steroid freaks on one side, but then to have the umpire standing right there and he makes the wrong call. Obviously baseball is rigged and the the yankees are the beneficiary year after year. Cuzzi I hope you have a heart attack and die in your sleep.....the world would be a better place!

Cuzzi is considered legally blind.

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