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October 11, 2009


In two brilliant back-to-back performances, Stephen Strasburg has restored hope and prosperity to Nats Nation and demonstrated why he deserves the 2009 Cy Young Award.

Except to those who want him to fail. Like you. Why do you hate America?

Strasburgh has done well, he is going to make a difference in the team, no doubt there. Six strike outs in three innings is terrific! 2009 Cy Young award winner....for what, because he has a ton of press???? He played against some low to mid level teams in college. He had a great coach and great developement, and a good agent. But what has he done to recieve an award for having been in the right place (SD State) at the right time? He has much adjusting to do and is still green, give him time. Cy Young awards,I don't think so.

Wait, Hendo, when did we say we want him to fail!? We love Strasburg, and America!

Oh, sure. Strasburg also deserves the Heisman Trophy and the Pulitzer Prize, but when do I hear you admit that?

I'm really getting tired of all these naysayers.

Don't you guys recognize sarcasm? That's what this site is all about! Keep up the good work NE staff!

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