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October 13, 2009


Dibble's light years better than Darling, but so's a ham sandwich. But I really miss Tom Paciorek. Lively, informative, very funny and great improvisation. Ah well.

I agree with ed about Paciorek, whom I used to love back when he was broadcasting White Sox games. He even managed to make the insufferable Ken Harrleson tolerable.

Dibble's far more entertaining than Sutton, so I guess it was a win considering how late the change was made.

Intially, I didn’t like Ron Dibble and I would call him Ron Drivel, but I grew to like the man. He is very entertaining and isn’t afraid to criticize the Nats. Despite the jump in ratings, I expect he will be canned on orders from the Lerners.

We can live with another season of Dibble in the booth if he promises to refrain from cheering/clapping when good things are happening for the Nats. Either that or bring back Paul Lo Duca to the booth: Sounds like Paulie could use the money.

I vote for Dibble, he makes bad games entertaining, and yes, we all remember Ron Darling....

Okay, Rob. Your vote has been tallied. So what's with the clapping and cheering, anyway?

It's all party of being nasty.

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