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November 19, 2009


To the question of: Now, about that little problem of the baseball team? I say to that, a weak front office equals a weak product on the field. Strengthening the front office puts the pieces in place to improve product on the field. Stability goes a long way in building confidence in the players, knowing that issues will be dealt with in a truthful way. This is what we need as the front office increases the talent level on both the Minor and Major league levels. Let’s go Nats.

Absolutely. The days of the Jim Bowden Big Top are over -- the circus has officially pulled up stakes and left town. Rizzo's FO rebuilding project this offseason appears to have laid a solid foundation and will provide much needed stability long term.

Now, about that little problem of the baseball team...

Anyone else have an issue with the quasi-blatant rejection of statistics over scouting?

Interesting point, jon.

In the Boz article (linked above), he calls it a "65-35 weighting to scouting over modern statistical analysis".

Would you be more comfortable with a 50-50 split? Something else? If it makes you feel better, our anonymous sources with no knowledge of the situation say the Nats are giving each of the "Wise Old Owls" a Curly W abacus in case any numbers need to be crunched...

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