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November 11, 2009


Nice how they gave Zim all of 15 minutes of the spotlight to himself.

Well, Hendo: nobody ever said this organization ever gets the timing right on anything :) But in this case, we'll take the double dose of (good?) news and move on...

Now, if your only complaint is the timing of the announcement - can we take that as a sign you're okay with Riggles as full time manager (haven't headed over to Nationals Pride yet to check your reaction yet...)?

We're just completely unsurprised he was the choice...

@Hondo - This wasn't a hard announcement, it was more like a quasi-intentionally leaked announcement (I actually think it was a true leak).

Consider me nonplussed. There aren't too many major drawbacks to Jim (what's the new nickname???). I think Rizzo will put innings restrictions in place to limit the overuse of arms. But how the Desmond situation was handled gives me pause for concern. I look forward to spring training and lots of anonymous sources with no knowledge of the situation.

Go figure, the Nats are trending up while the Skins have almost hit rock-bottom... meanwhile a hockey team is the most popular franchise in DC. It's a crazy world we live in. The only consistency is Gilbert Arenas is hurt again...

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