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November 18, 2009


Agreed. But important for the Nats to make a run and solid offer nonetheless. It will continue to build the credibility of the club as one that is willing to spend on the right kind of difference making free agents. But, no doubt, Lackey is not going to choose the Nats given the state of the club. He doesn't have to. He can get his money and join a winner.

I applaud the Nats for the effort. Agreed Lackey is not going to come here. The Nats really have little to offer in terms of making a run at the pennant right now. The culture of the organization is changing for the better. Hopefully we the fans can hang in there until we begin a winning tradition.

Looks like we're all in agreement, gentlemen. If the team's reported "expression" of interest in Lackey is true, then like the Teix situation last offseason, certainly sending the right signals to fans + the rest of baseball alike.

Nats really look like the FO is being solidified with talented personnel and deficiencies are being rectified (DR Academy and scouting staff). Most importantly, it appears Rizzo truly is in command and is being allowed to rebuild the organization as he sees fit. (A novel concept one Mr. Snyder might want to consider). I too don't think Lackey would sign here, but making a legitimate effort would serve to bring further credibility to the Nats - and maybe help them land one of those solid veteran pitchers that are needed. Right now, Rizzo looks like the right guy. Future results will tell the tale. Here's hoping for future success on the field and never having to Embrace the Bad again.

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