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November 05, 2009


yeah, but you know, the crop of homegrown talent the Yankees have- Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, Cano, Joba, and Phil Hughes- is a lot more impressive than that of the Phillies or almost any other team in MLB.

Oh, please -- they went out last offseason and spent almost a half a billion on FAs. Homegrown, my arse.

Don't get me wrong: we wish Ted Lerner would throw his money around like the Steinbrenner Family does!


Our editors must've been asleep at the wheel. Or keyboard. You know...

I'm not a Yankees fan, but I'm wondering about something -- if all the Yankees have to do to win the World Series is spend a crapload of money on free agents, then why is this their first WS championship since 2000? They've paid billions of dollars for FAs over the last 9 years and have had the highest payroll for that period of time. Perhaps it actually takes more than just a morbidly obese payroll to win the World Series?

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