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December 03, 2009


they should just force Barry Svrluga to take the job back. Nats coverage at WaPo hasn't been the same since he left the beat.

If a DC newspaper axes its sports coverage and no one comments about it on their own website, what does that say? Never understood the lack of comments on their typically pretty good sports coverage.

With no foil for the Post, what can we DC-area sports use to jab at the Post with? No more "Times has written 12 articles on the Nats in the past 2 days, Post has 1" stuff.

Povich's typewriter is ready in the press box when he is.

@ckstevenson: The Times' Nats coverage has been consistently great for the last couple of years under Zuckerman and Goessling. The lack of comments on the blog (Chatter) is not a reflection of the quality of reporting...it's just a reflection that the competition had a head start with NJ and built up a large and loyal following, and still reaping the benefits of positive network effects.

I'd agree, but also note that this is pervasive to all of the Times sports coverage. Same lack of comments about the Terps, whereas Terps blogs in the Post and Sun get frequent commenters (nowhere near as much as Nats Journal mind you).

I thought Bowden might sing Dmitri to Tweet for him...

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