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January 12, 2010


Can I have Belliard? Please?

Shucks, guess not.

But where's the love for FLop, Hendo?

Am I the only one who seems to recall some Nats third baseman having a similar rep to Desmond on botching routine plays? Zimm was even doing it last year (!) with throws. And he's seemingly fixed the problem. And definitely has addressed his prior "issue" with trying to make too many amazing plays when they weren't possible.

So don't we think Desmond playing with Zimm all year would lead to some maturity, sage advice, etc?

I take Desmond over Guzman every day of the week. I think the decay of Guzman (who often gets overly harsh treatment) will only continue. IMO, Guzman ONLY has value at 2B.

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