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January 14, 2010


It's funny. We who have watched the team from the very beginning have gone back and forth on Guzman throughout. We were thrilled when he came back from eye surgery to become a .300 hitter again, after reviling him for being so bad at the start of his Nats career. He is still hitting at that clip, although without walks, but he has taken residence in the doghouse again.

I hope he improves after the injury as he did from eye surgery. Why wouldn't I? He is definitely going to be a regular on the team, and if the same man can give us improved defense, it would only cost us another flip-flop to being among his fanbase again.

+1/2 st: you're spot on about the flip-flopping on Guz. Guilty as charged. In this case, though, our disappointment at news the Nats may be leaning towards Guz has less to do with Guz and everything to do with wanting to see Desmond get a shot.

A lot can happen between now and Opening Day. Who knows? Maybe this latest "news" is simply a ploy by the Nats to make sure Desmond doesn't get it in his head that the job is his -- to make sure he comes into camp with a fire under his butt. And same goes for Guz...the last thing the team needs is for a disgruntled Guzman showing up in camp before a pitch has even been thrown.

But we'll echo your sentiments - we HOPE Guz improves, because we're stuck with him.

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