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January 28, 2010


I bet that Rizzo thought that he would have signed one of the better pitchers available by now, but they just weren't into him and the Nats. Hopefully he can pull that off soon, and it would then be much easier to explain to Livo that there just isn't a place for him.

I know he's not very good anymore, but I'd love it if Livan returned in any fashion. He did still manage a decent number of quality starts for the Nats last year and was a joy to watch. But if he can't be an MLB starter anymore, how about mop-up duty?

I will always remember the magical 2005 and Livan was at the heart of that. The Nats should be nicer to him and at least return his calls, even if there's no place for him.

@cass: what about this: the Nats ask Livan to return as an usher?

I, too, will always have a soft spot for Livo and the entire 2005 cast. But this is 2010, for the love of Jesus (not Flores or Colome)! I just worry that those quality starts +1/2 st. mentions will be few and far between...

Livo will be starting for somebody at least at the start of this year. Count on it. And I wouldn't bet against it being the Nat's either...

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