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January 28, 2010


Bacsik would headbutt Redding into submission with his giant baby head.

Off topic, but a laugher: BP projects Nats to go 82-80!


..AND Zim guranteed the Nats won't lose 100.

I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between, Big Oil...

I think you should go back and check to see if the Baltimore Colts threw SBIII to get their names in the history books.

Tim is a poor excuse of a 'teammate' from what anyone can see and seems to be jealous that he didn't have the chance to execute his plan of "giving one up". Sorry Tim, we got to see a genuine guy toss a genuine pitch which got crushed. You've seen all the money Mike is making off the 'fame' right? Sheesh, get a life (and an arm) Tim...

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