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January 05, 2010


Dude, that can't be right. The guy just doesn't look like or move like Dunn. I'm not positive Dunn is smarter than this guy, but I'd be surprised if he was not. That said, I could totally see the shooter in video B being a Zimmerman.

Ode to Genius:

Zim and Adam Dunn
Took a little BB gun
Out to a field for a drunken test run.
They loaded up the ammo
Cranked the camera and went "Blammo",
Shot each other, laughed and said "Hey that was fun!"

Next up they snorted
PCBs but they aborted
The stunt when Dunnkeys pornstache caught aflame
Quite an anticlimax -
But the footage, filmed in IMAX,
Made the YouTube HiDef Darwin Hall of Fame!

OK the Wizards should have stayed the Bullets and the Nats should be the Pellets.

@nationalsanthms: Our "source" says it is definitely Dunn - and I believe the source. But that's just us - you can feel free to think otherwise...

Love the Ode to Genius! They need to get that into heavy rotation at Nats Park in 2010...

@Jewel, that's fantastic. The Pellets! Love it - you just earned yourself a prize, but unfortunately, we don't have any prizes to give away...

Lots of immature people with money in sports now

That is not Dunn come on now people Dunn is 6'6 and that guy looks like wee man

Well, "Jim"...he's your teammate - just ask him if it's really him when you see him in Viera next month. Just make sure he's not armed...

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