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January 21, 2010


I guess the silence from Rizzo is appropriate for this town, since the Post rarely mentions the Nationals during the off-season. Even still, I am getting antsy for the next move to improve the team. Even though the Nats should already be better than last year, it will take several more moves before I am excited about the team that starts Spring Training in February.

I am amazed that we are getting more interviews out of MASN than we do out of the Post now, and the Times has died the death. I am grateful for the blogs.

We hear you, +1/2 St. We're getting antsy for the next move -- O. Hudson, we're sure -- and hopefully the addition of another arm. But with Doug Davis and now Piniero off the market, I'm wondering if there's another veteran out there that'll be a good fit. We get this nagging feeling the answer will be settling for Smoltz...if he doesn't land back in St. Louis. Garland? Wang? Who knows?

MASN seems to be stepping up coverage, which is welcome with the demise of the Times. Hopefully Zuckerman lands the Nats beat for the Post - he's one of the good guys.

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