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February 09, 2010


Wang is much better than you give him credit for, as he had very solid success in the AL East. He's not a retread. He has an injury history, but if the price is right, this could be a steal.

And Marquis blows.


We're not questioning Wang's past success at all.

But, yes, Wang is broken. And yes, he could be a steal at the right price if he recovers okay from surgery. I guess to be clear we should have said: "...it looks like Mike Rizzo is done with upgrades. It's all retreads and reclamation projects from here."

That's our biggest complaint at the moment; well, besides the blizzard howling outside: we were sort of expecting a few actual upgrades in the starting rotation this year, and once again it looks like more of the same.

I get what you're saying, but I still think you are underestimating his upside. That's the difference. In the past, we've signed reclamation projects with limited upside, to say the least. For example, Scott Olsen probably performed about as well as he could have last year after a steady decline in production.

I do see this as a better move (if it happens) than anything we've done in the past to address the rotation. Just my thoughts.

Gotta imagine the Dodgers have the advantage in these negotiations, b/c Torre and Pac Rim proximity.

Let's see. We have Lanan. We have Marquis. If Olsen recovers we have a No. 3. The rookies from last year could fight out for the final spot, but we need a second new arm besides Marquis.

Three possible #3 arms. Chico, Olsen, Wang (if he signs), it'll probably be JD Martin ... bet you wish your girlfriend was as hot!

@Jon, good point on comparing the *upside* of past reclamation projects...though you really could've driven the point home by naming Daniel Cabrera rather than Olsen. Wang is an intriguing option.

@DKWS: apparently, the Dodgers dropped out of the Wang race today.

@peric: Matt Chico #3. See? We're f@^ked!

a former #1 from the AL east can certainly help a cellar dwelling NL east team any day.

baby steps.

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