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March 19, 2010


That Orioles hate that ad has elevated Mr. Mustache to a folk hero in my book.


I hope they bring it back again this year -- I really do. It somehow numbs all the losing.


Wil Nieves!

Don't be fooled. Johnny B. is really HTS's Johnny O trying to rise out of obscurity and regain his place in annoying commercial prominence.

Mr. Mustache, we all knew who Will Nieves was. We cringed everytime he stepped on the field. Please go back into the plumbing business with your brother and focus on saving the princess.


That got a good laugh out of me.

I will be very amused the first time Rizzo responds to a comment from JayB, periculum, or CoverageIsLacking.

I just *got* JEFC's comment about saving the princess, plumbing, etc...good stuff...

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