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March 30, 2010


From the side of i-99, it looks like a pretty nice place to see a ballgame, despite being in Altoona. The other redeeming quality of that town is it is the birthplace of what the locals call "Sheetz's."

Altoona is beautiful this time of year, I hear... "Sheetz's"? Dare I ask (or google it)?

Like most of Pennsylvania, Altoona is overcast most of the year. Maybe its better in summer like State College.

They add an apostrophe "s" to Sheetz, the excellent convenience store/gas station chain. Why do they add the apostrophe? Because it belonged to old man Sheetz.

We bit. We'll be there.

The customer service guy said the team hotel is the Ramada.

hope to be there too, Craig...and Strasburg will be checked in at the Ramada under the alias: "Baseball Jesus".

(oh, and thanks for the Sheetz's explanation, WFY)

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