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April 28, 2010


Re: the photo caption - I'm going with (a).

Livo the Magnificent!


Ya know, I always figured our opening day starter next year would be Strasburg, but wouldn't it be something if it was Livan again?!

1) There was definitely no "Yawn" in my house when Clippard came in... ;-)

2) Does anyone else think Clippard "the big red dog's" glasses make his ears look even bigger than they are? He can hear Dibble cheering for him from the radio booth.

3) Given that Livan is noticeably slimmer than last year, and pitching better than ever, do you think he's figured out that if he stays in ok shape (or gets in great shape) he really could live out his quoted desire? Since he only throws 85'ish, he can afford to still lose 15-20lbs and not lose any zip.

4) I'm enjoying this ride for all its worth, but still have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this will come to a Screech'ing halt soon (that dang bird!). It's like heroine right now - we all feel great, but we'll have to visit Dr. Drew at some point to rehab...

Re the caption. Definitely (b), doughnut.


Wouldn't Marlon Byrd look pretty decent in RF for us right about now? http://www.baseballprospectus.com/card/card.php?id=BYRD19770830A

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