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April 06, 2010


I find pretending yesterday didn't happen a perfectly reasonable response.

Yes it is, Nate. And I *think* that's the message they're trying to send to everyone who bought a ticket to yesterday's game (including those 25K+ Phanatics).

It's the little things. Like being able to enter comments about yesterday's game into a web form when the team sends you an email asking you to enter your comments about yesterday's game that I love about this team. Details, you know?

Give the Natinals credit: at least the photo on that comments page is of Nationals Park, and not Citizen's Bank Park. Even though it would not be a stretch considering yesterday's debacle.

You're younger than I thought

This is really a MLB Advanced Media fail. By the way MLBAM, its 2010, how about some embeddable videos?

Typical of management and ownership. Too bad fans can't fire owners.

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