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April 07, 2010


Why do the Nationals make it so hard to be a fan? It's bad enough they were the worst team in baseball in 2008 and 2009 (and maybe in 2010). Did they have to make a concerted effort to bus in fans from an opposing team and ruin opening day?

Being proud of your hometown team is the most important thing to a baseball fan. Diehard fans will stick with a team through the lean years because they are proud of their city and their team -- supporting a losing team becomes a badge of honor. By turning Nationals Park into Phillies Park, not only did they keep their own fans out of the ballpark, but they also insulted the proud nature of the remaining Nationals fans. I hope they made some money from the Phillies fans on opening day, because they helped to destroy an already weak Nationals brand.

I'm thinking about boycotting Nationals Park for the rest of season. When the Nationals show some pride in their own team, maybe I'll be back.

Wow, this really has touched a nerve among you Nats fans. As a Phillies fan, I like the traveling road show that has developed for the Phils. But we certainly know how you feel.

In years past, the Phillies did not draw 44,000 a night. I remember many nights at the Vet when they were lucky to have 12-15,000 on hand. The Phillies advertised in New York for Mets fans to come to Philly, and, like you, I was mighty pissed off. For years the place was overrun with those stinkin' New Yorkers and a bunch of 8-year-old girls wearing Chipper Jones jerseys.

If the Nats want that to change, they have to start winning. The Phillies opened a new park in 2004 and started spending serious money. The Nationals have a new park but spend like the Pirates (who also have a new park and refuse to invest in talent). But some of the onus is on the fans, too. If your average attendance is under 20,000, don't expect the team to have a top 10 payroll. If they can't draw, why did they move to DC in the first place?

I hope to be one of those Phillies fans who "invades" Nationals Park this season. I don't want to be rude; I just want to see my team in a beautiful park. I also went to see them at RFK, which is not beautiful at all. Don't hate us because we love our team.

By the way, I've found several very informative Nats blogs over the past couple of days. You guys do a great job.

Your logic is wrong - Philly fans weren't packing the house when the team stunk, all the way back to the 1960s. Somehow, Philly management found a way to draft smart, spend money and improve the team. When they started winning, the fans showed up. Why are you blaming DC fans for behaving like every other fans in the country? Why should we be "expected" to turn out in droves for a 59-win team? No other city does.

When the team wins, the fans will show up in droves, just like in Philly and everywhere else.

Also, any fan should be able to go to any park they want, provided they don't act like drunken, vile hooligans. The Philly fans couldn't pass that test judging from the comments. Yet the Nats and DC police sat back and did nothing!

I agree with Steve. I love the Nats, but refuse to go to the ballpark when they're playing Philadelphia. Same with the Caps, who I also love. Philly fans chased me away from the Caps back in the days when they weren't winning and tickets were easy to get. They are incredibly obnoxious. Also, major difference in ownership between the two teams: Nats "leadership" ENCOURAGES rival fans to come. Caps leadership does not encourage rival fans, but will welcome them only as long as they behave themselves (I saw a few disruptive fans get kicked out at last Sunday's game).

I remember two seasons ago when Jeff Carter scored in game 7 to knock the Caps out of the playoffs in Washington. He was being interviewed on the ice just after the game when he was hit in the head by something thrown from the stands. Of course, it didn't make the national news, got no headlines and was totally ignored.

Need the proof?: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8K4gvMSRok

I've had fans from opposing teams sit near me at Citizens Bank Park many times and they complimented the fans and Philadelphia by the end of the game.

Sure, some fans go over the line, but not nearly as many as you would think reading the drivel in the Washington Post and elsewhere the past few days. I'd say this is true of any team.

I'll see you later this summer at Nationals Park. I'll be the one wearing pinstripes.

Lupul knocked the Caps out of the playoffs.

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