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May 26, 2010


this is NO TIME for rational thought!!!

Yeah, you're probably right. We'll proceed to 1500 South Capitol St. with pitchfork, immediately...

Thank you for the June 8th tips you guys have been laying for the past month or two, I secured my, hopefully, Baseball Jesus tickets about 3 weeks ago.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not sure the Nats front office really ever lead anyone to believe anything. I mean, we heard for weeks - "We have a plan in mind" but they never said for sure June 4. So, it sucks that people bought tickets to the game expecting to see, as you put it so nicely - Baseball Jesus, but, that spin and media hype came from everywhere but the front office. I dont think it's their fault. Please dont come after me with pitchforks. Thanks.

@Kathy: you're not wrong. But you might want to bolt the door: the angry mob is heading your way with pitchforks at the ready...

@James: Keep in mind this is the same blog that once predicted Jerome Williams would win 15 games with the Nationals in 2007. But we appreciate your vote of confidence in our prognostication abilities.

Torches and pitchforks? Not really. BUT ...

If this was an incident in isolation, tbat would be one thing. But this whole debut process has been of a piece with the impression of an ownership group that cares about short term $$$ rather than the care & feeding of the fan base. Which is penny wise and pound foolish, IMNSHO. The Nats won't spend the money to make the team visible in the DC market, but instead goes to Philadelphia to sell excursion tickets? The team nickles and dimes the city over payments for a stadium they are already playing in? The team hires Bowden and fields a team based on cheap gimmicks and retreads that loses 100+ games a year?

This cheapness makes fans irate when they read in Forbes magazine that the Nats have the second highest positive cashflow in MLB as the Lerners happily cash revenue sharing and MLB TV revenue checks while esconced in a lovely $625 million ballpark paid for by taxpayers. And the Lerners are even in a position to dismiss dismal TV ratings because, what the heck, MASN is Angelos's problem anyway.

Look, Strasburg's debut is a venal sin, not a mortal one (see, e.g., the Opening Day Phiasco). They were self-serving and coy about it to maximize ticket sales, but they have only lied by omission, not commission. But having already flushed a ton of goodwill down the drain, they are in danger of waking up in a year or two and discovering that no one cares about their team. And that, my friends, is the way to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Looking forward to seeing him pitch no matter where nor what level. Go get 'em Strasburg

@John C, your NSHO makes great sense. I dont argue they are businessmen before baseball men. But come on, this spun out of control on its own!! all they did was buy the guy!

I'm not the kind of guy who says "I told ya so!"

Here's a reason for pitchforks and torches. On Wednesday I Metro-ed to the park to get a pair of tickets for the 4th -- a friend of mine is heading off to ROTC summer camp on the 10th. I asked initially for Section 305, then for Section 322. The lady at the box office said the least expensive tickets available were Section 132U at $46 a pop. Just checked Tickets.com and there were upper deck tickets available. Is StanK telling his box office people to lie to customers in order to upsell?

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