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May 16, 2010


Couldn't. Be. Happier.

Bye, bye Bruney and hello closer of the next decade!

I checked Baseball Reference's draft page last night and Storen is the very first '09 first rounder to make his MLB debut.

Congrats, Drew!

And take THAT Aaron Crow. :)

Actually, Mike Leake debuted at the start of the season for the Reds. He was the #8 pick over all, two slots ahead of Storen.

That is one messed up delivery. I thought Storen is supposed to be this impatient kid? I got a cup of coffee, took a shower, and checked the NL East standings in the time it took him to deliver the pitch.

Glad to see him get the call AND bump fuel-to-the-fire Bruney in the process.

Also on September 1st, Storen will get an ice cream cone while Strasburg has to sit in the corner.

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