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May 25, 2010


I'm guessing the club has their reasons for taking him out after only 52 pitches.

What I don't get is why they didn't inform Stephen of the plan. That seems nuts.

Thus spake Linus: "Behold, unto you is delivered your Savior. And you shall know him by his arm wrapped in swaddling clothing, to keep it warm. And the three wise men, Kasten, Rizzo, and Riggleman, bearing gifts unto him of Ben Gay, smelling salts, and rosin."

@cass you're right, it seems crazy that the team is keeping Strasburg in the dark about their plan for him. And reading his comments after the game in the Post, it doesn't sound like he's too happy about it:

"It was kind of a shock to me. I'm not going to lie. But there's not much you can do. I don't want to create a big scene in the dugout."

@Bote Man: nice work, sir!

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