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May 23, 2010


I am officially launching a Bernandina for CF campaign in case Morgan does not pull his head out of his rear end soon. Roger's play is steadily improving to the point where he is beginning to resemble a viable alternative.

Nyjer's punishment will be to be forever immortalized on Baseball Blooper reels from here to eternity. He earned laughingstock status for life.

you guys need to leave him alone. he's a great ball player. I was watching this game that it occored, and the first thought that came to my mind was that he thought it was a homerun that he should have robbed. morgan was up to bat as soon as he made the error, and when he went up to bat and got thousands of boos (after he hustled into the dugout, showing no attitude) and what does nyger do? well nyger got a basehit! he's a great ball player. and play's a great center feild. obviously the coach knows that if he's still out there. yes, roger B is improving.. that has nothing to do with nyger? i believe nyger was 2 for 2 last game. ? personally, nyger's my favorite player in the mlb. and he DOES NOT deserve this. keep your head up ny ny!

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