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May 18, 2010


Before, he would have needed 2 extra days rest to make the 4th. Now, he'll just need 1. Not sure how this makes the 4th less likely... I'd say more. If there's another rainout, the 4th will still be possible, while the 8th would not. The 4th is the more stable date.

Why would they give him an extra AAA start? And on the road no less? They need him to pitch in DC as much as possible. That means the 4th.

You also have the attendance factor. The biggest jump is going to be those first two games. After that interest will still be elevated but will die down a lot.

They need for him to make two starts during that early June homestand.

@cass: Just given that they're handling him with kid gloves, we're guessing Rizzo probably doesn't want to mess w/his schedule too much, keep him going every 5th day. Even in the event of another rainout pushing him up another day, he could still go the 9th. Rizzo says he has a "window" probably not a fixed date.

@@bdrube: again, if they're worried about him sticking to a routine, then the extra day allows him to keep going every 5th day. Not saying we agree with him getting an extra AAA start, we're just trying to guess what Rizzo's thinking along with everyone else.

You're right: the attendance factor is huge. Disagree that interest will die down all that much. The June 4 date allows him to make 3 of his first 4 starts at home, where June 8 makes it only 2 of 4. You're probably on to something there.

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