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May 13, 2010


I have May 22nd vs Baltimore as my Strasburg Debut date. He only has 16 or so starts left before he hits his innings limit so regardless of when he makes his MLB debut he'll be inactive after about 8/30. Starting him vs Baltimore would also allow him to pitch his first road game vs San Diego Friday night May 28th and his 3rd start vs the little sisters of the poor academy playing as the Houston Astros. They still get 7 of his first 10 starts at home...

@notrizzo: yes, it lines up nicely, doesn't it? But they've waited this long to delay that clock; in my opinion they'd ONLY say "to hell with it..." if Lannan goes to the DL or something. Then again, there's always J.D. Martin.

and even that worst-Lannan-case scenario assumes they aren't willing to sacrifice 2-3 wins in favor of less risk at arb time. I thinke they are.

When is Strasburg scheduled to pitch against Pawtucket?

@Sec3MySofa: you're probably right. We may find out today, depending on how Lannan's elbow (which he says tightened up last night) is feeling.

@Paws: He won't. Originally slated for May 17 in Pawtucket, but they've adjusted his schedule to give him another day of rest, so he'll pitch May 18 in Rochester (?) instead.

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