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June 24, 2010


He was safe from section 314.

Yeah, he was also safe from section 219...

He was safe from section 213. But ya know what? When you are peeing and moaning over a single run robbed from you against a pitcher with an ERA north of five and a half you probably deserved to lose the game anyway.

My biggest regret is the SS had to take a very undeserved loss. But hey, Walter Johnson lost 26 complete games by a score of 1-0 in his career so that puts it in perspective.

He was safe from my living room here in Los Angeles.

Can Strasburg play short on his off days? At least he can hit and probably wouldn't make 2 errors per game.

@bdrube: agree on all points. They made Bannister look like a f%!$ing Cy Young candidate.

@Z-pack11: we're thinking CF rather than short on his off days. Hit him leadoff...

He was safe from the red top patio looking straight in from center field.

Safe from section 311 and everywhere else. Raise your hand if you want replay review in baseball.

Love the Strasburg swing. That's how you swing a bat. I knew he could hit the ball prior to that basehit... to the LEFT side no less.

That 0-2 pitch on which KC got the run scored is the only real mistake SS made. Did he deserve a loss over that alone? C'mon batters, support your pitcher!

Close call from Sec 401. Wendlestedt at least had an excuse if he was sitting up there with me.

Wendlestedt -- that explains it.

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