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June 01, 2010


Rainout would likely mean a double-header on June 9th. The question would be if they would start Strasburg in the make-up game in the afternoon (when few people would be able to make it) or in the evening (which would be on the June 9th ticket). I think people would be very angry either way. Rizzo did say that the start is contingent on weather, injuries, etc.

Right now, just a 10% chance of rain on the 8th with highs in the mid 80's so we'll have to see about the rain out probabilities.

I'm going to count Baseball Jesus's start in Baltimore as a home game because in all liklihood, you're going to have way more Nats fans at Camden Yards than O's fans given the two teams' seasons thus far. I know, as a Baltimorean and Nats fan since '05, I'll be at probably all three games no matter what.

Are u sure about that 6/19 date against the White Sox? Barring any rainout along the way, wouldn't it be 6/13 @Cleveland, 6/18 against the White Sox?

@Mark: looks like we screwed it up. Adam Kilgore posted this yesterday on Nationals Journal:

"If Strasburg pitches every fifth day to start his major league career, he'll pitch June 8, 13, 18 and 23"

I'd go with that.

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