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June 22, 2010


You could get 4 tix together in the 300 level between third and first this morning, so I don't think it will be too bad coming and going.

If you are soliciting projections, I say 33,000.

@WFY, our own unscientific test just now shows no groups of 4 together now -- search for 4, best available gives the old "Tickets are not available together in the quantity you requested in this section at this time. Please choose one of the other options below:" ....message.

Really interested in seeing what kind of crowd shows up.

@Anonymouse: Yes, any and all projections are welcome. Yours is noted.

We tried buying 3 tickets together in the 300 level on Sunday (in person) and the best offers were 307 or 320, which are barely in the infield. Pairs were still available, as were singles. Don't know how many of them have been snatched up since then.

Shouldn't it be "his next miracle"?

@cass: actually, his next miracle will be solving DC's rush-hour gridlock...when he finds the time.

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