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June 07, 2010


Nice work. Do you think he'll really bring his reindeer to Nationals Park for the debut?

On Guzman, on Morgan, on Rog Bernadina,
On Desmond, on Dunn (but not Wily Mo Pena).
On Willingham, Pudge, and that Zimmerman fellow.
I laugh with delight like a bowl full of Jello.
If Strasburg turns into the guy we all think he's,
Let's party; I'll buy us the first round of drinkies.

oh ya hes a legend. he pitched a good game vs. the pirates! the pittsburgh pirates...prob the worst offensive team in the league. almost as bad as friggin washington themselves. The man had 14k's bravo but it was against a horrible team and lets not forget that 2 run bomb he let up to some no name. hes good not god...2 o's not one.

Let me guess, Andrew -- Phillies fan? Go puke on a toddler drinking a beer or something.

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