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July 21, 2010


Didn't he say he'd run through fire in a gasoline suit to bet on baseball?

Well, it was either "bet on" or "play"...same difference for Charlie Hustle.

Charlie Hustler is still the sleaziest man in sports after all these years; must hand it to him for endurance. The girl next to him looks like the blocking sled for several plastic surgeons at least.

Who's the hot asian check with the fake lips sitting next to him?


I thought he was banned from even showing up at a Cinci game?

The Hall of Fame is just a joke until they let Pete in. Ty Cobb killed a guy, Babe Ruth was a drunken womanizer, Mickey Mantle was another alcohol soaked "hero"....they're all in "The Hall". Rose is still baseball's all-time greatest hitter, PERIOD. Nobody is close. I suppose we're all expected to watch Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Clemens and the rest march into the HOF even though they were steroid using fakes? Stop trying to fool the world HOF...admit Pete and get over it.

Pete Rose I think was treated a bit too harshly. Yea, what he did was wrong, but like Vince said, not more wrong than a bunch of other things that have been done by Hall of Famers. And although it probably shouldn't be considered in this context but he is one of the best EVER to touch a bat and I think he did it without the roids, so there is that...

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