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September 01, 2010


Great article-right on point. Riggleman's response was absolutely predictabe too. He's tolerated & enabled Nyjer's behavior all season & has been his true-blue best fan as well. It's past-time for Riggs & Rizzo to start walking that mid-season talk about holding people accountable. Both On the bases & in the outfield Nyjer is more concerned with high light reels rather than playing his position & playing good baseball. The Nats jetisoned Elijah Dukes for not being a good fit with the team's philosophy - time to ask if Nyjer and his anger issues are in the same vein. If Riggs & Rizzo continue to condone Nyjer's behavior, what sort of message does it send?

Not a dirty play, and Nyjer isn't a dirty player.

I understand, but don't condone his non-slides at home. Every other Nat would've slid into home. Bernadina in CF, Morse in RF, and Willingham LF. Morreno will be 1B next year when they don't sign Dunn but get the compensatory draft picks.

@DCa Nyjer may not be a dirty player but he is easily one of the dumbest that I have seen this year.

Getting picked off, getting caught stealing and of course his infamous temper tantrums that led to an inside the park home run against the Orioles and pulling an Albert Belle in Philly apparently. And now his inability/refusal to slide.

I've been saying this for months, Nyjer's gotta go

If I own the Nationals, I have to address the fact that this guy has made himself bigger than the team. Google the Nationals and see what the response is. But then I have to look in the mirror and kick myself for allowing it to happen. And ditto for Riggleman for no reigning this guy in. We are lucky opposing teams are taking it out on our other players.

Calling for the end of Nyjer in DC? Why don't you call for Zimmerman and Strasburg to leave too? Then there will be no one left to watch. The only unquestionably bad play was the home plate play against the Cardinals on Saturday night - slide or no slide he could have scored that run without hitting the catcher. The play against the Marlins were all fair.

How do you write an anti-Nyjer blog when your first image totally proves his point?
The catcher sure looks like he's blocking the plate to me! I don't see any room to slide. And I guarantee from Nyjer's angle, he saw more catcher than plate.
Look at the pic! You can't criticize him for this play.
Fire The Nationals Enquirer!

Hear Hear, gary! (on firing us, that is)

I watched the replay at least a dozen times and not once did I think Nyjer made the right call. I don't think it was a dirty play; just reckless. Which is par for the course for Nyjer, sadly.

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