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August 25, 2010


Dibble is an all star commentator. I would be greatly dissapointed if he left DC. The hypersensitive PC-types are pacifying America.

This isn't a PC thing. He fucking sucks. He's dumb as shit and has never been funny. Oh, and he is retarded. See? Got nothing to do with PC.

Disclaimer: I don't find listening to Dibble annoying, but I do find the bashing annoying. Actually, more like sad. It's not everybody. Just some very vocal bloggers, imho (present company excepted). If the team were to let him go over targeted attacks by bloggers, I'd be very disappointed. What sort of precedent does that set?

I also don't understand why, if people find him so annoying, they listen to his tv and radio broadcasts. I'm assuming that they do, because they quote excerpts from both in their screeds against him. Mostly, I'm just not a fan of ad hominem attacks or smear campaigns, which all of this is starting to feel like to me. I just don't get the all the vitriol. If you don't like it, then don't listen. Kind of like I do with some blogs (again, nothing against this one).


listening/reading everybody bashing Rob Dibble has almost become more annoying than listening to Rob Dibble.

Has anyone else noticed the back and forth with Dibs' comments. I loved him when he was the ultimate homer; getting up in arms about blown calls and blasting the team for poor defense. But lately it seems he's taken a step (or been directed to?) towards just plain critical of the team, especially with his latest comments. I liked the passionate Dibs, I don't like Dibs the jealous, glory-day fogey.

I didn't like Dibble when he was pitching for Cincinnati and I don't like him now.

Ray KNight is horrible.

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