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August 25, 2010


i made mention of this quote in my gamer last night. very interesting, indeed.

I've got something to say about that, Mr. Lannan. That's just how bad our starters have been SUCKING! Oh yeah, that's it.

Lannan should be DFA'd let's see if his hometwon Mets or Yankees pick him, my guess is NO!!!

I agree that Riggleman often gives them the hook early. But, come on Lannan, look at how poor the starters have been overall. If not for Livan and Strasburg, we'd be stinking.

Absolutely, our manager always wants to go to the strength of the team? That's strange. Why wouldn't he, that's the only facet of the team that's been in any way reliable. The starters are to blame for most of the losses, and the inconsistency of the offense for the rest.

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