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September 22, 2010


So what? Did you expect him to instantly turn into a Skins/Terps/Nats/Wiz fan?

No. But was a bit surprised by the "who's-who of reprehensible teams" list. I think it was Dan Steinberg who suggested Bryce Harper roots for BP among oil companies...

Well, at least turning into a Nats fan might have been nice.

Grow up, you are a professional just as he now is. I give you the fact that the Nationals now pay him should mean something, but no kid grows up saying "as soon as I sign my big league deal I will have a favorite team". Very soft article.

I'm still at a loss to see Cowboys fans described as "front runners." In front of what? The Dallas Cowboys have won ONE playoff game in the past decade. Seems to me you have to win in order to have front running fans.

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