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September 13, 2010


Yah, all I can say is WOW........

Really? The way SBF & AQ trapse in & out of Presidents club? They're complaining about not getting free sh_t? Really?

Here we go


SBF is a self-important twit. You get better information from the team's press flacks than you do from his crappy blog.

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that my well-articulated and non-hostile comment didn't get approved on his website.

He's bizarre and self-important. As if any person in the park should not have a chance to get a free gift. That's false outrage if I ever saw it. Should they not try to encourage casual ticket buyers to buy season tix? I am a season ticket holder and was not offended. Besides, he gets a ton of freebies for His Over-Capitalized Blog. He Really Needs a Grammar Class Too.

Love the video clip!

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