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September 15, 2010


20,000+ Drunken goons...you're a horse's behind!It's unfortunate that the best you can come up with is a stereotype. How small of you...What did you encounter? Perhaps a handful? So because a few Phillies fans joined the ranks of a few Nat's fans by displaying inappropriate behavior "ALL" of us who attended, behaved, supported our team and in the spirit of being a loyal fan booed yours, are goons...I take it back, you're not a horses behind...you're a pathetic horses behind! I apologize if your feelings got hurt...you should take your anger out on the management that keeps throwing a really bad team on the field and not on the loyal fans of another club.

This is a person from Washington who wrote this garbage. Just remember we are talking about the place with the most rude people who ever lived. So let him make his stupid comments, and ignore them.

As a Phillies fan I am peeved that we won't be able to keep up our reputation as "the rudest people who ever lived". I guess Nationals Park will be empty on opening day because I doubt even the drunkest Washington fans will want to see the pathetic team the Nationals put out on the field. Good luck Nats. We'll be looking for you at the bottom of the standings again this year. 23 games out last year is pathetic ( I hope I was rude enough for you)

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