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September 30, 2010


Seriously? Usually, there's a line to criticize Riggs for being too sunny and glass-is-half-full in every press conference.

By my observation, Jim keeps it behind closed doors 99% of the time and on rare occasion gets frustrated enough that he says something a little more candid.

Is Ryan Zimmerman too delicate a flower to deal with that?

Anyone else remember Zim ripping Acta on his way out the door?

Just looking at the standings -- Nats are the best last-place team in baseball! Woo hoo!

Hmmm ... after reading Ladson's post, I see that Ryan also said, "If we could control the clubhouse ..."

What should I make of that? Is he calling his teammates out for not calling one another out?

All of it is pretty hard to interpret, given none of us are in the clubhouse.

As Dave suggested, Zim kinda took shots at Acta for being too...soft, if I remember correctly. Here, for example, lifted from the Washington Post the day after Acta's head rolled in Rizzo's office:

Acta oversaw his teams with an old yogi's stoicism, watching each day's loss while avoiding any sort of outburst. At its best, that even temperament connected to a rich dignity -- and for all the circus losing, Acta himself was never the sideshow. But at its worst, Acta's patience doubled as a conduit for the status quo, which is okay for contenders, but not for the worst team in baseball.

"Every player is different," said Ryan Zimmerman, the team's lone all-star. "Personally I don't need that kind of stuff, but I think a lot of players do. There were some points, sometimes, where some people have said some stuff on our team -- not to him, obviously, but player-to-player -- that they would've liked for him to do more of that." (via Washington Post, 7/14/2009)

Guess Zim probably liked that Acta didn't rip anyone in the media, though?

Look, I love the RZA as much as anyone. But if the "veterans" on this team could handle things on their own in the clubhouse, there wouldn't be any need for Zimm to make those comments, would there? Doesn't the fact that he feels the need to speak up suggest that addressing things internally isn't getting the job done?

But Manny ripped me in the media all the time!

Ryan is a delicate flower, if he was a true leader he would not rip his manager to the press!

If Ryan is calling out his Manager, then isn't he doing the same thing?

Nyjer was out of control and I for one was happy that Riggo had the balls to go public even though he didn't say much. I can't imagine what else he said behind closed doors.

And note to Elijah Dukes above, yah Manny didn't treat you well! Wish you were still on this team!

Talking about calling players out. I remember in Spring Training when Elijah was released and Justin Maxwell (his heir apparent) was all giddy about it and dropped the bomb that "he" was a clubhouse problem.

I read Ladson's article and wonder why the veterans need to police the clubhouse. Most of these guys are quiet souls which begs the question, WHO HAS TO BE POLICED?

Ladson writes...third baseman Ryan Zimmerman said recently he would like to see the players make the skipper's job easier by policing themselves in the clubhouse.

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