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September 13, 2010


Um, last I checked, the Nats still have 19 games to play. Unfortunately, I'm viewing it as 3 more games for them to lose. :(

Too soon? Heck no. I'll be disappointed if he starts next season as the team's manager. The 7-game winning streak at the end of last season and the 20-15 start this year were clearly mirages. FJB needs to change the name of his blog to FJR.

@Shoshana -- You're right, 19 games left! We got the 9 flipped upside down there...

I was at the game. It had to be the most unexciting 6-5 game I've ever seen. I was near the dugout, and you could see players clowning around and enjoying the day, but not really into the game. Definitely a team playing out the string. I'm not sure if that is a reflection on the manager, or just the fact of a game between two teams out of the hunt. The one thing I couldn't figure out was why Riggleman played future-less veterans Kennedy, Harris and Mench rather than the younger players that need as much major league experience as they can get.

Bring back Frank Robinson...He wouldn't put up with the mediocre play, and he surely wouldn't defend players when they do stupid things.

Hmmm... Manny Acta "lost" the team after two losing seasons. Jim Riggleman is "losing" the team after two losing seasons. Yup, the manager is clearly the problem here.

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