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October 20, 2010


Best...blog....ever!!!! you nailed it. he's a d-bag who can't seem to remember what team he's about to play for.

What Nats name is he suppose to write on his cleats? Nyjer???

This is a non-story, he is a kid, he still has heroes, who cares if they are not Nats, he grew up on the West Coast for 18 years and the Nats have been around 5 years.

Just like the Nationals this blog is for losers.

@Kathy: A d-bag? That's a little harsh, don't you think?

@Harper_ROY_2012 (or should that be: "Bryce_Harper's_Mom"?) How about not having anyones name written on his cleats?
I'll admit that you're right in saying this is a non-story, and he is a kid if you'll admit that Bryce Harper having "J-Roll" on his cleats is a little odd and sort of funny.

@forwhoforwhat: Agree.

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