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October 25, 2010


I'll take Vazquez. I'll take his 2009 numbers pitching in our division and in the NL, where he's obviously more suited than the psychosis of New York.

One other nice thing about Vazquez is, he never misses a start.

You are right though; he's not an ace. Not too many on the market though.

NO Vazquez! When a pitcher is 35, is losing velocity and admits he has no life on his fastball, that's not when you want to sign someone to a Jason Marquis type deal! Until he shows either that his steadily diminishing velocity can be corrected, or that he has learned how to pitch with a Livo fastball, I wouldn't even sign him to a Livo contract.

Honestly, what is Vazquez going to give you that you couldn't get MUCH cheaper out of Maya, Stammen or Detwiler? And going with the kids gives an opportunity to develop your own talent. Sign a #1 starter, yes. Throw millions at another mediocre-to-lousy #4 or #5 starter? No, thanks.


The ONLY place Javier has failed has been in Yankee pinstripes. Ahmen to that! Look what Javier did just two years ago in Atlanta. He is a horse and solid 2/3 starter that can have number 1 Ace stuff on any given night. If a 2 year $20 million contract can get it done then it makes sense. Gives us some money to spend on Dunn or possibly sign (if we can get him -Greinke) long term.

Oh Boy! It's J Lo 2!!! Can we at least be Eva Menendez this time?

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