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October 07, 2010


Mostly I just like that you worked the word "scintilla" into that post. Thank you for that. See that Stan, it isn't that hard to say "thank you"!

Well, you have to give him credit for being consistent. Doesn't care about current customers, but imagines future customers. Doesn't care about Nationals fans, but cares about Phillies fans and Red Sox fans.

Doesn't even pretend to care about the customers who have continued to buy tickets, despite the substandard product.

I assume Stan's also the one who's responsible for the fact that it's pretty obvious there are a bunch of unsold seats in front of my season-ticket seats, but they continue to be held back for someone more important.

Hey Stan, squandered is no where near a strong enough word.

Looks like he didn't mention Riggleman, unless I missed something, which is not meant to sound sarcastic, I literally might have missed reading it.

Glad to say goodbye to the StanK... Thanks for the 2010 opening day buttmunch.

The biggest blown opportunity was luring away DC Area Oriole fans by putting a better team on the field during a time when that fan base was highly dissatisfied with their ownership and prolonged lack of success. In that regard, the timing couldn't have been better for moving a team to DC. I think many of the Bird fans (easpecially in NoVa) were "gettable" had the Nats been substantively better. One stellar late season surge and fans are flocking back to Camden Yard. Opportunity lost.

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