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October 23, 2010


I don't see myself even thinking about forgiving them until the Nationals win the World Series. The Texas Rangers are an enemy of DC baseball.

God he looks like Bowden. Is he wearing leather pants?

34 years of my lifetime without a hometown team. forgive short? you got to be kidding!

@Softballgirl: Short really does have a Jimbo-ish look about him there, doesn't he? Leather pants would look smashing with that jacket!

@WFY: So you're telling me if the Giants can't pull it off and it ends up being a Phillies-Rangers World Series, you're rooting for the Phillies? Come on!

How fitting: the Rangers' manager is named "Washington".

I'll root for the NL, but let's be honest here -- I'm not exactly going to go out of my way to watch it.

That Short and Bowden look alike probably explains a lot of things.

So let me get this straight.

The original Senators leave DC 'cause they really don't get decent attendance (which at the time was a huge part of team revenue)

The 2nd Senators have horrible attendance from year #1 & leave DC after 10 years of trying to build up the fan base but still can't get enough people into the seats either (their final year in DC, they only drew 655,156 fans - 22nd out of 24 teams in MLB!)

...then the fanbase holds a grudge (to this day) against the guy they showed no interest in?

Why doesn't this make sense to me?

Devon it doesn't make sense because you're citing an attendance figure without even a sniff of context.

@WFY: We can only justify rooting for the NL if the Giants are representing. Otherwise, if it's a Phillies-Rangers WS, we're rooting for Bob Short's former team.

Can't imagine a scenario where we could root for the Phillies...

This is it! The Texas Rangers finally got their ticket to the World Series 2010! and fans start also to get their Texas Rangers Tickets It was no walk in the park. To get to the 2010 World Series the Texas Ranges had to go through a seemingly impossible line of tough baseball teams.

Nobody responded to Davon so I will.

As poorly as the expansion Washington Senators performed and drew at the gate, none of the previous owners of the team thought to move it. Bob Short bought the team specifically to move it to another city and make a quick buck selling it at a higher price to a local owner. That's what he did with the Minneapolis Lakers years before.

If baseball had agreed to sell the Senators to Edward Bennet Williams, I think the history of baseball in Washington would be viewed differently now. I am not saying that EBW would have necessarily brought the Nats a World Series (the foundation for the 1979 and 1983 Oriole pennant winners was laid by previous ownership), but he wouldn't have moved them except perhaps to the suburbs if D.C. didn't build a replacement for RFK in the early 90's. Washington would be as much of a "failed" baseball city as Kansas City, Milwaukee, or Seattle.

I can't forgive Bob Short, but I can forgive the Rangers and in that franchise I see a mirror of what the Nationals can be. If you look at how poorly Bob Short's Rangers drew in 1972, you realize that the Dallas/Fort Worth area was not a hotbed of die-hard baseball fans. Sports was dominated by a very successful NFL team in the area. Sound familiar? If the Rangers who now literally play in the shadow of the Dallas Cowboys can get fans in the Dallas area to care passionately about baseball, I think the Nats can do the same.

And it's already happening. The Nats aren't selling out every game, but as they stay in first place more and more people are coming to Nationals Park to see them play. I was at the game on July 3rd and the game was nearly sold out. I think that if the Nats win the division and make the playoffs, the excitement in this town will be at a fever pitch.

But Bob Short will still stink.

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