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November 02, 2010


I have no idea what "Bo Porter's hiring as Nationals new 3B coach obliterates the early 2011 World Series odds" means. Is it serious? joking? either way, does it mean the odds improved with his hiring or diminished? Not at all clear to this reader.

Dwight: Good questions. The title of the post was meant to suggest somewhat lightheartedly that the hiring of Bo Porter as Nationals 3rd base coach would throw the early World Series odds (released yesterday on an online gambling website) into disarray, that somehow the Nationals odds of winning the 2011 WS had suddenly improved so greatly that it blew up the aforementioned early odds, perhaps vaulting the Nationals to 2/1 favorites or something. In hindsight, the title of the post is both misleading and admittedly not very funny.

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