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November 01, 2010


Is it my imagination or wasn't there a brief time when the SF Giants were under consideration to be moved to DC? Probably in the days right before their new stadium was approved... Bob Short Still Sucks.

... major league weenies that is. You are correct sir. Let's recap (a bad walk down memory lane):
Padres sold to Joe Danzansky, then negated by MLB.
Pittsburg - New stadium
Cincy - New stadium
San Fran - New stadium
Houston - New stadium
San Diego - New stadium

These are all cities where I remember the "build us a new stadium or we'll move to Washington" card was played to some extent. I'm still somewhat amazed we got antoher team becuase our beloved city's greatest value to baseball was just as a bargaining chip. I hope Bob Short is roasting in hell.

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