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November 23, 2010


I wish they had offered arbritration to Ms. Iowa, she had a nice curve..ball!!!

You may have missed the developments today with 1st baseman/DH/Catchers. The Tigers were the frontrunners for Dunn and no longer are.

Read Mark Zuckerman's synopsis and comments at NatsInsider

Steve: didn't miss those developments, and don't think the Tigers deal for Martinez changes much in terms of the chances Dunn comes back to the Nats.

The Tigers were touted as "in serious talks with Dunn" so it is one down and a few other teams in the hunt. The White Sox are the frontrunners for Dunn but their interest hinges on the big 1st baseman prize which is Paul Konerko.

The longshot is whether any club can pry away Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres and the big story for 2011 will be what Albert Pujols does with a contract extension with the Cardinals before he becomes a Free Agent.

The Red Sox interest hinges on getting Adrian Beltre signed so Youkilis stays at 1st base.

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